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Rove Analytics aims to empower clients achieve their business objectives by providing innovative and optimal IT Consultancy Services. The company delivers digital transformation and technology services from planning to execution, enabling clients to outperform the competition. By harnessing the power of cognitive computing, hyper-automation, cloud, analytics and emerging technologies, we help our clients adapt to the digital world and make them successful.

We offer an array of integrated services that combine top-of-the-range technology with deep sector expertise. Whether you need to run your business more efficiently or accelerate revenue growth, we can get you there. We function as a full stakeholder to business, offering a consulting-led approach with an integrated portfolio of technology led solutions that encompass the entire Enterprise value chain. Our ability to modernize enterprises by transforming their underlying application infrastructure to a Cloud-based Composable Enterprise Model makes us unique. Our client-centric focus, offering specialized services and solutions that meet the distinct needs of our clients, forms the basis for how we, as a company, operate and serve our clients. Commitment to long-term client success empowers us to provide value and flexibility beyond the contract.

We consider Integrity to the core as the guiding principle of all business practices. We are ethically committed to delivering results in the toughest of circumstances ensuring honesty and fairness in our actions, in an indubitably innovative way.

We dedicate ourselves to providing innovative information technologies, as well as becoming a company that is well respected by all the stakeholders. We firmly believe that our solutions and services are excellent tools for contributing to development, not only to the benefit of our clients but also, in a much wider sense, to the benefit of society in general and the environment where we operate in particular.


What we have done for clients





KMIS (Kajaria Mobile Information System) is an Android based application, which has been developed as a mobile version of the existing Information System, for Kerala Operations, of M/s. Kajaria Ceramics Ltd. This is an effort to simplify, fasten and optimize the day-to-day activities related to Sales & Marketing. The product has been operational for the past 2 years and has garnered great reviews from the client.

  • This function enables to effortlessly recoup, and if required, share the daily updated information regarding inventory maintained by the company at various locations spread across the country.

  • This function facilitates the user to easily browse and share images and information regarding the entire range of products on offer by the company.

  • This function can be used to get the contact details of all the dealers associated with the company. Search may be done on the basis of various particulars of the dealers like Name, Area, District etc. This function also has the feature to send the details by SMS.

  • This function promotes easy generation and distribution of Sales Quotation, for the various products being dealt by the company. The quotation is generated in PDF format, which can easily be sent to the respective recepient.

  • This function helps to keep track of all the Invoices generated and the subsequent payments made to the company by the dealers. Dealerwise Account Statements can be generated, saved and sent, depending on the various credit terms set by the company.

  • This function can be used to search for items that have been billed to the dealers, particularly when an enquiry is placed by any customer or dealer. Search can be based on different attributes like Item Name, Size, Dealer Name, Invoice Date etc. A report based on the search can also be generated in PDF format, which can easily be sent to the respective inquirer.

  • This function shows the prices set by company for the entire range of products at various levels of sale (Landing, Wholesale, Retail). The prices can be searched under various categories like Type, Series, Quality etc.

  • This function helps to keep track of the Sales Orders placed. Tracking can determine the current status of order placed (Pending, Despatched, Shipped, Arrived, Billed). A particular order can be tracked based on different attributes like Order No, Dealer Name, Item Name, Size, Container No etc. A report based on the tracking can also be generated in PDF format, which can easily be sent to the respective inquirer.

  • This function generates a Customer Enquiry Form, mentioning the details of products selected (Name, Size, Type, Rate, Image etc). This function is primarily used to cater to customers visiting the company display center for selection of products. It also has a feature to either send the generated form to the customer digitally, or hand over a hard copy of the same by making use of the inbuilt cloud printing facility.

  • This function provides format for generating Sales Order Form. Orders can be generated accurately & effortlessly keeping track of the total weights per order, depending on the tonnage for different modes of transit (Containers, Trucks etc.) The data from Order Form (being in Excel format) can easily be sourced, for entry into the company software.

  • This function helps to keep track of the various sales targets set by the company. It generates a pictorial representation (Charts) of the various targets on the basis of different categories like Products, Area, Dealer etc.

  • This function can be used to get all the relevant details regarding any product from the company product list. Search can be done based on the name of item. The product details include image, type, rates, dimensions etc.

  • This function helps to generate a Proforma Invoice consisting of the various attributes regaridng the products. This can be sent to the buyer in advance as a PRELIMINARY BILL OF SALE before the delivery of goods, thereby helping the buyer to get a clear picture regarding the products and the final amount payable.

  • This function has two options namely, DIMENSION and LANDING. The Dimension option provides information regarding the physical attributes (Weight, Area, Numbers etc) of all the different products. The Landing option calculates landed cost of all the products, either as per the present pricing structure, or by modifying the various cost factors (Freight, Insurance, Margin, Tax, Discounts etc) for determining the landed cost.

  • This function provides a direct link to the official company website. This can especially be useful for getting detailed information regarding the company and its products.


What we have on offer

  • Application Development & Management Services:
  • Innovation in all phases is a key factor that ensures business growth of organizations. They need to be alert in the updation of their legacy systems and fast-tracking of new initiatives by a perpetual introspection of their current systems and practices. It is hence imperative that enterprises need to hunt for custom software solutions that provide an innovative edge to them over their competitors by implementing unique features and processes brought forward by new technologies and channels.

    We have formulated a comprehensive portfolio of Application Development and Management Services supported by an in-depth industry expertise and fortified by modern mobile application development platforms like Android and iOS. With the modern digital package we are confident of equipping our clients to realize innovation across all phases of the application life-cycle.

  • Consulting Services:
  • Our Business Consulting and IT Advisory Services is supported with a thorough understanding of business that span over a decade of industry experience. Enabling clients to synchronize their operations with business objectives is the prime operational advantage that we offer and ensure.

    Applying analytics and insights based on a deep knowledge of the client industries and processes, our consulting services facilitate the performance of the organization. We identify and render manifest the hidden values to the client by delivering an integrated strategy consistent with digital and domain expertise that can stimulate the dynamics of their business operations, ensure competitive advantage and adopt proactive response to emerging opportunities.

  • Application Modernization Services:
  • To keep pace with the fast emerging new technologies and business models, organizations need to pro-actively visualize and transform to a decisively digital and customer-first environment. We as a quick resourceful and adaptable hands-on consulting partner can marshal the client to the brave new world at a dimension tailored to their transmutation objectives.

    We, as an end-to-end service provider to our clients, help actuate the modernization of their application portfolio and facilitate cloud adoption across the enterprise. We incorporate the latest innovations in cloud, mobility and digital to actuate decisive improvement in the operational performance of our clients thereby ensuring a crystal clear business advantage to sustain and excel.


Our valuable clients


Kajaria Ceramics is the largest manufacturer of ceramic / vitrified tiles in India. Its pace to keep up with the customer and market demands has made Kajaria a synonym for quality, service and innovation - not only in the domestic market but in the international market too. The reputed 'Ceramic World Review' magazine has mentioned Kajaria Ceramics as now the 9th largest tile manufacturing company in the world. Business World rates Kajaria Ceramics as one of the fastest growing Indian Company in between the sales segments of 1000 to 4999 Crores. It is the only ceramic tile company of India to achieve the rare distinction of being a Superbrand for the ninth time in a row and also the only Indian Tile company to receive the revered "Asia's Most Promising Brand" award in the Premium Tiles category.


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